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For Our Clients: A Private And Secure Production Facility


In this competitive environment, controlling printed materials for a new brand or product launch is critical. At ZōN Retail, we will switch into Secure Mode within our facility as needed for our clients.

For our clients, we offer a private and secure production facility to ensure upcoming brand and product launches remain top secret.  Today, as an example, our facility is completing an order and we are in “secure” mode.

When we are in secure mode:

  • Only ZōN Retail employees may enter the production facility until the “secure” project is completed.
  • Any visitors to the main building are issued Restricted Badges to indicate they have been signed into the building.  A Restricted Badge alerts and reminds employees that this person is not eligible to be in the production areas.
  • All access doors to the production facility are secured with coded locks.
  • Secure mode is not cleared until all the elements from the “secure” project are packaged and ready to ship.

At ZōN Retail Environments, we ensure secrecy for our clients work.

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