Fabric Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphics Are Making An Impact In Retail:

There is no glare! When you compare a dye-sub print with digital graphics, styrene or magnet graphics, there is no glare or reflection to manage. Fabric graphics offer a clear and bright image that is not affected by lighting. Fabric graphic frames, not only brighten a store, but they add color and style.

Why choose Silicone Edge over Magnetic or Hard-Panel Graphics?

SEG graphics are reusable, and changeable. Not only are fabric graphics more vivid and versatile, than hard-panel or magnetic graphics, but they are also lighter. Shipping and storing them is less costly. Plus, no worries about tears or creases since they fold right up. However, if the graphics do become wrinkled or dirty, they can be easily machine washed or steamed. Now, that is a bonus!

Advantages of SEG Fabric Graphics:

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