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RENEW Fabric for Soft Graphics:

Renewable. Sustainable. Affordable.

Greener and Cleaner Makes Us Different – By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and we’re leading the way by committing ourselves to the industries newest sustainable developments.

Water Based Ink: Durable eco-friendly ink made from water instead of chemicals, providing a softer feel.

RENEW Fabric:  Quality, sustainable, water resistant, colorfast fabric for a clearer eco-friendly image.

Did You Know:

  • 1 linear yard of RENEW Fabric removes the equivalent of 14 plastic bottles from the environment
  • 24 billion pounds of discarded plastic makes its way to our oceans every year, killing over 1,000,000 marine animals
  • Over 76 million pounds of plastic packaging material are produced every day in the United States
  • Only 9% of all plastic that is thrown away is recycled
  • Enough plastic is thrown away each year enough to circle the earth 4 times

Why Use RENEW?

  • Made from 40-100% recycled discarded plastic materials and post-consumer waste
  • Conserves natural resources like water consumption
  • One pound produces enough energy to run a fluorescent light bulb for 22 days
  • Every pound of RENEW fabric conserves the equivalent of 0.5 Gallons of gasoline
  • Using recycled fabric will save over 900 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean 

*Every quote request comes with a transparent estimate of how many water bottles are taken out of the environment to print your order. Request your sample below.

A Bigger Impact for A Better Environment, Exclusively from ZōN Retail Environments

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